Ashley Olsen Wants Mary-Kate Off The Row

The hate is palpable.

Yesterday we told you Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's high-end line, the Row, would launch into menswear. Suspiciously, the project is said to have been conceptualized by Ashley. Alone. Today, some insights emerge as to why Mary-Kate is reportedly uninvolved. If we are to believe In Touch (hey, it's Friday — why the hell not?), Ashley wants Mary-Kate off the Row. A source told In Touch that Ashley wants to be "a respected businesswoman" and "taken seriously," which is impossible when working with a sister who refuses to give up her lifestyle, get her personal life together, and act like an adult. It's all very vague, but we'll assume that means Mary-Kate is — what's it called? Oh, yeah — partying. You know, like all normal 22-year-olds do. Ashley wants Mary-Kate to focus on their lower-priced Elizabeth and James line. Bossy though she may be, we have to hand it to her — it's impossible to move forward in the business world when your partner is an irresponsible hedonistic party animal. Er, we mean, immature. No one will ever take Mary-Kate seriously as a designer under those circumstances. No siree.

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