Ashley Dupré's Breast Implants ‘Not the Greatest'

Natalie McLennan, a former prostitute and colleague of famed pimp Jason Itzler, has decided it's about time to cash in on the whole Eliot Spitzer hooker scandal. She's dredged up her early memories of working with Client No. 9's favorite call girl, and included them in her book, The Price: My Rise and Fall as Natalia, New York's #1 Escort. (We always wonder how they quantify these things.) Turns out McLennan helped Itzler get the "adorable" and "hungry" Ashley Dupré into the biz. After Itzler found Dupré working in a hotel, persuading her to join his ring of escorts was easy — she was well-suited to it. "The only thing I didn't love were her breasts," noted McLennan. "She had implants, and I didn't think they were the greatest. She told me she got them when she was 16." Ouch! Here's what happened when Dupré showed up for her first day of work, from an excerpt in the Post over the weekend:

Her face was adorable. She was tanned, with shiny, flowing brown hair. I could tell she was young, and I could sense that I was more street smart than she was, but she had that hungry glimmer in her eye that told me she was game for anything.

Every other girl who had come to work for the agency had either worked as an escort before or, like most of our girls, was new but had to be sold on the idea and have her hand held at every step. Ashley appeared to be happier to have found us than we were to have her.

"Ashley, I'm going to have to see you naked," Jason interjected.

"That's normal, right?" she asked.

She looked to me.

"I got naked for him. I've never worked anywhere else, so I can't really say, but it's normal here," I said.

"It's OK. I don't mind taking my clothes off," she chirped.

In two minutes, they were back.

Eh, we've had job interviews that were worse.

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