Talking Points on 11/6

Notables from around the NYC web this morning

> Wondering how Obama cinched Pennsylvania? Downtown hottie (and boardmember at L.E.S. vaudevillian sleazecave The Box) Josh Lucas went door to door in his native state to get out the Dem vote. (And all we got was phone calls from SJP. Gyp!)

> Recreate Gossip Girl with finger puppets? Yes we can!

> 24 percent of TONY readers want a reservation at megabucks-menu-hotspot Per Se (despite the mag seemingly catering to broke 21-year-olds with its "3,922 free events!" cover lines). Also, 40 percent don't know what Grimaldi's serves. (Pizza, if you're one of them.)

> Citizen footage of cops roughing up a white guy in Park Slope. Wow, change really has come to America.

> Remember all the hipsters dancing in the streets of Williamsburg and American youth not buying the line about their generations' apathy? Turns out, NYC's apathetic youths are Canadian. That explains it.

> Hey, real estate owners: You know those $400 property tax rebate checks you used to get? Yeah. No more.

> What recession? says Disney. They're going into the clothing business, selling high-end apparel which will no doubt be infused with heartwarming family values.

> From the Thank God for Cameraphones file: Viddy the "secret Pocky reserves" at JFK.

> ...& ICYMI: A bear sighting in Queens!

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