Andrew Cuomo Unfriends Facebook Pervs

Call it anti-social networking.

Thirty-five hundred pervs, creeps and deviants just got the boot from the Internet's most popular link-up sites by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

The convicted sex offenders were swept off of Facebook and MySpace in the first use of the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act  of 2008  (e-STOP), which Cuomo strongly backed, according the Daily News.

MySpace disabled 1,975 accounts linked to 1,796 New Yorkers, while Facebook took down 3,410 accounts linked to 2,782 registered sex offenders in the state, sources told the News.  Some 1,045 people were signed up on both sites.

The e-STOP act requires convicted sex offenders to to provide home addresses, email addresses, site usernames and online profiles, which makes it pretty easy to find those who comply.

But of the nearly 30,000 registered sex offenders in New York State, only about 8,000 have supplied e-mail addresses and other online information, the News reports.

If any of the people who have been purged from the sites are found on them again they will be in violation of their parole.

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