This Year, Smaller Crowd, Lower Prices at the Steven Alan Sale

We were pleasantly surprised by the pricing inside the Steven Alan sale. Upstairs, in the designer's own section, women's short-sleeved shirts go for $48, long-sleeved for $58. Women's jackets run from $50 to $125, cotton dresses are $99, and skirts and shorts are $50 to $70. The menswear situation is similar: button-downs are $68 ($99 if they have snaps), jackets run $60 to $100, suit pants $50 to $75, and suit jackets $95 to $150.

Another pleasant surprise: Steven Alan himself is here, hanging out. (We snapped a photo, above.) The basement level is, as always, packed with good deals. We were pleased to discover a rack of leather jackets from a brand called Mirage for under $150. They also had leather pants, but the real find was their $80 bombers. If you've been looking for an inexpensive leather jacket, this is the place to go. We were also excited about the bags—we loved the ones from BOYY, but did not love that they cost $250 each. In fact, we didn't see any bags, BOYY, Gryson, or otherwise, for less than $200, but that didn't seem to deter the handful of shoppers eagerly digging through the pile of leather.

Other downstairs designers included Loomstate (two racks), some Sophomore, tons of Sophia Eugene, and Liya Kibede's adorable Lemlem kidswear. At $50 a pop, the Matt Bernson sandals weren't quite as cheap as they were at the recent sale, and the selection wasn't as good. But we were impressed by the large quantity of Found denim for $50 a pair, the $129 DeMeylee cashmere sweaters, and the $50 (!) Gryson boots.

If you must buy something but don't want to spend much money, we recommend the cute little Hansel from Basel socks, $8 each. Steven Alan ruffled panties are also a good impulse buy, but they're already out of size small. You could also wait until Sunday, when prices might drop, assuming traffic doesn't pick up. When we left, there was a line to pay, but no line to get in.

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