A Drink A Day Can Keep Heart Disease At Bay

Moderate drinkers can add yet another study to their personal barrels of proof that some alcohol is good for heart health.

A review of 30 years of research showed that moderate drinkers -- those who consumed one alcoholic drink a day -- were less likely to get heart disease, BBC UK reports, citing work published in the British Medical Journal.

The participants in the study had a 14 percent to 25 percent reduction in heart disease compared to those who had never consumed alcohol, the review found.

The review was conducted by a group of scientists at the University of Calgary, who examined over 84 pieces of research between 1980 and 2009.

But, BBC notes of the review, "while consuming small quantities of alchol had a beneficial effect on the number of strokes and stroke deaths, the risk increased substantially with heavier drinking."

So if you haven't been drinking this far, this isn't a reason to start. "Similar results can be achieved by being physically active and eating a balanced and healthy diet," a cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation told the BBC.

BBC: Alcohol in moderation 'can help prevent heart disease'

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