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Many of you noticed, in your comments on this week's Gossip Girl recap, the strange ways that time works in the world of Gossip Girl; a letter from Manhattan to Brooklyn can take weeks! But cross-borough travel? Meh, mere minutes in a cab.

You also took issue with the free reign these kids have to meander about between different families' Thanksgiving parties or booze-stocked limos. And a bevy of comments pointed out our minor miscommunication with S., whom we thought poetically uttered that you couldn’t get the prize if you didn’t go deep, when all she really said was “compete.” Ha! Um, oops. Awkward. But really, it’s Serena. So, either way. After the jump, our favorite comments, and the final tally.

Realer Than Serena Not Washing Her Hair to Be Edgy-Hot

Plus 5 for Chuck telling Nate and Vanessa he is going to give them some space to talk then moving exactly 2 FEET AWAY. Better yet, he doesn't even try to look away or pretend to text message. — BAMII

Plus 5 for Dorota, who we now know is SECRETLY HOT, getting to step out in that sassy red coat. — SAKADE [She actually is!]

• I, too, had an Aaron Rose. I don't even want to talk about it, but, yeah, I understand. And Aaron going "sober" for his art is such a perfect fit. Mine went through a sober fad because he was "really into reality right now." WTF DOES THAT MEAN? — AFARERKIND [Plus 1.]

Plus 4 for Dan's comment "Are we talking about the same Serena? Long flowing blonde hair, towers over both of us?" Thank you, writers, for finally acknowledging the fact that Serena is a giantess that only hooks up with tiny tiny men. — BLAIRBASS1

• Eric seems to have a good head on his shoulders but he seems to always pick the wrong men (Uber closeted Asher, Cheating Jonathan)....PLUS ONE MILLION...all too true. — DISPLACEDNYER [Okay, we will give a Plus 1]

Total: Plus 16

Faker Than Any Aspect of Nate’s Dad’s Story Line, If Possible

• did anyone else notice when Nate got his house back that he just jumped right into Chuck's limo leaving his mother ALONE, signing papers IN THE DARK!?!? on thanksgiving! after her husband was just arrested!!...way to be the man of the house Nate. Minus 25.XOCHUCKXO

Minus 5 because I highly doubt the FBI casually consults with seventeen-year-olds before trying to nab a criminal that they've been chasing for months. — THECHEESE

• the unrealistic constant running that the characters did from Brooklyn to the UES was too much to handle. Does anyone realize HOW FAR Brooklyn is from everything else?? Especially since you know the UESiders aren't jumping on the subway, they're traveling via chaffeured limo. At least an hour. Minus 10ELIZABETH87 [Echoed by others]

Minus 10 because seriously, how long does it take for a letter to get to Brooklyn from Manhattan? — WONKETTELOVER [Echoed]

Minus 2 for the arm pat [V.] gives Chuck when he leaves her to talk to Nate in private. Why are they best friends?! Did Chuck not use her a few episodes back?? — LITTLEJ [Echoed]

Minus 5 for trying to make us believe that vanessa would actually eat meat. please - brooklyn, artist, high school age.... she'd so be a vegan. — BEDPAN

• Why is Serena always surprised to see Aaron in her apartment? What is the doorman doing exactly that he's not calling up to say there's a guest? Minus 1.MARTELL

• Maybe this has been mentioned, but I'm saying it again: Why don't these kids have IPHONES, the new Blackberry or something more current than the 2001 Motorola flip phones they're using?? Apple needs to get with the product placement and fast. (Anything to help the stock!) - Minus 100.SCHMUSAN32

Minus 3 because i love how Lily just thinks she can show up anywhere at anytime and should be welcomed. Like what if Rufus had a girlfriend over for thanksgiving? and Minus 2 for Lily commenting on how the Humphrey apartment just 'felt like home'. Lily, you spent one Thanksgiving there, get over it. — BLIZ7734

Total: Minus 155

Total Total: Combined with our points (164 plus, 64 minus), this episode comes in on the fake side, even with the subtly revolting machinations of Aaron. You guys are tough.

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