12/12-13: Spin It to Win It: Major League Dreidel

No gelt, no glory. Plus: the 18th Annual Unsilent Night and more weekend events

ROUND AND ROUND: How hardcore of a spinner are you? Because at the 2009 Major League Dreidel Tournament, there are no benchwarmers. As the organizers put it: No gelt, no glory. Admittedly, winners are paid in just that (chocolate gelt, that is) – but think of the fame. Gods of Fire, CATEGORY SIXX, World's Greatest Air Band provide the “Hannukah Gone Metal” soundtrack at the Knitting Factory event. Saturday, 7PM.

LITTLE BIT LOUDER NOW: Phil Kline has been leading a seasonal boombox parade through the streets of NYC since 1992 (when they were the primary mode of music-listening, actually). This year is no exception: BYOB(oombox) to the arch in Washington Square Park, where you’ll be handed music to play for the raucous march to Tompkins Square Park in the 18th Annual Unsilent Night. In the name of progress, you can also download the music from the website and show up with a fully loaded Pod dock. Saturday, 7PM.

CANDID CAMERA: More than 120 pro and amateur shutterbugs have signed up to participate in the Help-Portrait event this Saturday – shooting free photographs of the city’s impoverished and homeless – as part of a movement that’s spread to nearly 60 countries. For information on how to participate, go to help-portrait.com.

CUT ABOVE: It’s part observational baking class, part foodie mixer, and part stuff-your-face-with-cookies extravaganza, and we like the sound of all three: The first of two Holiday Cookie Workshops takes place in Lab No. 1 at the Brooklyn Kitchen. Staffers will be baking all day long, giving you advice, answering questions and setting you up with a fresh-baked dozen. Saturday, 11AM-4PM (also on 12/19).

CAROL OF THE TUBAS: …And speaking of crowdsourced holiday happenings, the brass flashmob known as TubaChristmas comes to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on Sunday. Tuba (and euphonium!) players, register for $5 to play along at 11:30AM; for listeners, the insta-band will play a selection of holiday favorites beneath the fir in the 36th Annual TubaChristmas Concert starting at 3:30PM, Sunday.

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