10/9: Star Chefs + Midnight Snacks + You

Plus the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s farewell bash and a Thelonious Monk marathon

JONESING: It’s late, your stilettos hurt, but you could find your second wind and go ’til sunrise if you just had a bite to eat. Skip that slice and head to DailyCandy’s Midnight Music and Munchies – part of the NYC Wine & Food Festival -- where master mixologists from all over the city (like Clover Club) will pour libations as boldface-name chefs (Little Owl’s Joey Campanaro, Boqueria’s Seamus Mullen) serve up decidedly haute midnight snacks. 10PM-1AM.

WHEEL MEET AGAIN: The city is crawling with food trucks, but how many do you know that throw parties for their customers? Today is the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s last day of the season, and after pimping out their cones on Union Square during the day, they’ll park it at Avenue A and 13th Street where the fun begins at Destination Bar. The Cravings Truck will be there, serving Taiwanese delights, as will Cupcake Stop – and the ‘tenders at D-Bar will be happy to lace your BG ice cream with a boozy shot. 7-9PM.

RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE: A passel of pianists will congregate for the mini-marathon of ivory-tickling that is “Monk at 92,” a celebration of Thelonious Monk, enigmatic bebop pianist, master of improvisation, owner of the lag-timed note. The name is misleading, as the event counts down to Monk’s 100th birthday, but this annual event should be no less euphoric than in recent years. World Financial Center, 5-9PM.

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