Week Ahead in NY Music: May 20 to May 26

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Monday, May 20-Tuesday, May 21, Thursday May 23, Saturday May 25-Sunday 26 at Beacon Theater, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, $59-$135

If for some reason you've never seen Tom Petty, you now have five chances. If for some reason you are on the fence about seeing Tom Petty, consider the following five songs: "American Girl." "Waiting Is The Hardest Part." "Wildflowers." "Free Fallin'." "Don't Do Me Like That."  We're really not sure what else to say here.  Calling him an American classic doesn't seem like enough. He's Petty, and he need only be Petty. Do it at least once. You're not too cool.

Thursday, May 23 at Death By Audio, Shellshag, Little Seizures, Ape Hangers, GDP, $7

Punk means a lot of different things, but it ultimately means doing what you want to do no matter what. For the Brooklyn duo Shellshag, that means loud, cantankerous songs about doing what it takes to keep a relationship working. Punk couples don't have any magic relationship secrets, but based on the sound of Shellshag Forever, these two are having a good time figuring out how to keep love alive. 

Saturday, May 25 at Grand Prospect Hall, James Murphy, The Juan Maclean, The Crystal Ark, Yacht, The Rapture DJ Set, Black Dice, $30

We're not sure why the New York dance label DFA decided to throw itself a 12 year anniversary party. Couldn't they have done one two years ago or three years from now? 12 is just an awkward number for this sort of thing. But whatever. DFA is one of the baddest labels the city has ever seen, and as such can do what it wants. Co-founder James Murphy's ears never failed him, so this line-up is filled with jagged post-punk grooves and hissing keyboard shrieks that demand that you dance or else. And hey, maybe LCD Soundsystem will reunite just for the occasion. (Note: this almost certainly will not happen.)

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