From Orchids to Calla Lily, find out what beautiful flowers are decorating our set this week by JR Floral Studio NYC

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Anemones Fun Fact: The showy anemone is all about its looks -- it doesn’t have a scent, nor does it have any sweet nectar for the attraction of bees for its fertilization. Anemones are often depicted in various paintings by Impressionist painters including Matisse and Monet, who had deep appreciations for nature and flowers. The anemone plant can be used for medicinal purposes.#jrosanyc #tlewisnyc @jrfloralstudionyc
Ranunuclus Fun Fact: Also known as “buttercup”. The flower symbolizes affection, love and attraction. It is a beloved flower in wedding bouquets and beautiful all on their own. The name ranunculus means “little frog”, rana “frog” unculus “little”. nInstagram: @jrfloralstudionyc #jrosanyc #tlewisnycn
Pin Cushion Protea Fun Fact: Native to southern Africa and are illegal to pick in Africa. Protea have multiple species and date back approximately 300 million years. Dormant protea buds can survive wildfires. nnInstagram: jrfloralstudionycn#jrosanyc #tlewisnycn
Coral Charm Peonies Fun Fact: Peonies are perennial plants and can survive for up to 100 years under the right conditions. The Chinese name for the peony is sho yu, which means ‘most beautiful.’ Peony represents Wealth and Honor. nnInstagram: @jrfloralstudionyc #jrosanyc #tlewisnyc
Pink Mokara Orchid nFun Fact: Mokara orchids are manmade orchids (done by crossbreeding) that can’t be found in nature. The first Mokara orchid was presented to the world in Singapore in 1969. nnnInstagram: @jrfloralstudionyc #jrosanyc #tlewisnyc
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