Broadway for Cheap: How to Score Discount Tickets to a Show

Securing those coveted seats to a show may seem impossible to many -- but, did you know there are a few ways to score discount tickets?

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Anyone who has been fortunate to see a Broadway show knows that tickets cost a pretty penny -- sometimes to the tune of hundreds, if not over a thousand, dollars!

Securing those coveted seats to a show may seem impossible to many -- but, did you know there are a few ways to score discount tickets?

Productions offer some, all, or none of the following different discounts: digital lottery, rush, student, and standing room. So, best to do your research ahead of time to know what the discounts the show you want to watch offers. Scroll down to check out the different options and which one may be your best shot!

If you are feeling lucky, daily ticket lotteries are a great way to try and get a ticket (or two) to a Broadway show at a steep discount -- sometimes for just a mere $10!

Many productions have their own digital lotteries, which you can access by visiting their website or downloading their production's app, such is the case with HAM4HAM "Hamilton" lottery.

First, visit the website of the show you are interested in and check to see if they have a lottery. If they do, make sure to read up on the rules of the lottery because, generally, you have a short amount of time to enter (mere hours) and an even shorter amount of time (usually 60 minutes) to claim and pay for your ticket if you are announced a winner.

You can also visit Broadway Direct Lottery for a selection of productions offering lotteries. The website shows theater-goers how much they would pay for a ticket. They also explain how to enter the lottery for a show, rules and conditions, as well as how to claim the ticket(s) if you won.

Also, it is important to note, that these show lotteries are typically for that day's show -- so make sure that you are able to free up your busy calendar at the last minute if you are selected the winner!


Just like mobile rush tickets, general rush tickets are typically on a "first come, first served" basis, according to, which provides information on discount tickets to shows.

For general rush tickets you may need to get to the box office a few hours prior to it's opening, especially if you know there are other die-hard theater fans lining up to also take part in general rush.

For this type of ticket, cash may be the only form of pay that is accepted -- however, the discount is tremendous. You may just even pay $25 for certain shows, according to


Many Broadway productions offer affordable tickets to students with a goal of nurturing the love of the performance arts and theater. These discount tickets are known as Student Rush tickets, and are usually $20 to $30 each, although they can sometimes get as high as $40, according to

When purchasing these tickets, a student ID is required. However, a number of productions allow for the purchase of two tickets with the same ID (the second person who will put that ticket to good use does not have to be a student).

The process, according to is pretty much the same as general rush tickets and are on a "first come, first serve" basis as well.

However, notes that although often times theater productions set aside specially designated seats for students, oftentimes student rush tickets are subject to availability.


Mobile rush tickets follow the same idea as the other forms of "rush tickets," but you do not have to go in person to purchase them. Rather, purchases are usually through the TodayTix app and just like the aforementioned other tickets, these are also on a "first come, first serve basis."

Standing room only tickets are just as they sound -- you will not have an assigned seat but will stand throughout the production in the designated standing room only section. However, these tickets are usually available at the box office for the same-day performance only when the performance is sold out.

The TKTS Discount Booths may just be your golden ticket to securing, well, discount tickets.

These booths offer both tickets for Broadway and Off Broadway musicals, plays, and dance productions on sale every day at a 20% to 50% discount.

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