Viral Clip of Mandy Patinkin and News 4's Dave Price Brings Small Joy Amid Pandemic

Actor Mandy Patinkin and NBC 4's Dave Price.
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Amid seemingly endless updates of coronavirus death tolls, an old video clip of beloved actor Mandy Patinkin and NBC New York's meteorologist Dave Price is making thousands of people smile as it reminds them what's truly important during these unprecedented times.

Writer Marc Snetiker on Sunday shared the 2012 interview between Patinkin, Price and WNYW's Rosanna Scotto where Price had to abruptly leave because he had just got word that his wife, Jacqueline, went into labor.

"Oh my god, how thrilling. Mazel tov!," Patinkin exclaimed after Scotto explained to him why Price got up and left. "That is the most exciting thing I've ever had happened," the actor said.

Patinkin was so overjoyed he barely wanted to go back to discussing his show "Homeland."

"To hell with me! Let's cut away to the hospital," he said. The 67-year-old then inquired to know if Price was having a boy or a girl and asked if he could later be updated on how the birth went.

The short video clip has been seen nearly 1.5 million times as of Monday morning. It not only brought joy to Price during this "challenging time" but to thousands of others who shared and liked the video.

If you're wondering, Patinkin was indeed later told that Price had a baby boy named Eli because about a week after Eli came home — a silver kiddush cup and a hand-written note arrived at Price's home with Eli’s name engraved on it.

"The note is locked away — not because it came from a celebrity, but because it was so beautiful & thoughtful," Price said. "My wife & I will always remember Mandy’s kindness- and he will always be a part of our memories of that special day."

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