Drowning Pool and Flyleaf Rock Irving Plaza

Drowning Pool and Flyleaf, both with new singers in tow, split a bill at Irving Plaza.

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Michel Dussack
Drowning Pool and Flyleaf, both with new singers in tow, split a bill at Irving Plaza. Drowning Pool took the stage first. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Steven Benton, bassist and backup vocalist for Drowning Pool. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Jason Moreno joined Drowning Pool in 2012, yet performed as if he's been with them for years. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
C.J. Pierce, guitarist and backup vocalist. Drowning Pool ran through a 13 songs in their hour-long set. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The band played several songs off their upcoming album "Resilience", scheduled for release in April. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Their set also included classic Drowning Pool material, much to the crowd's delight. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Rounding out Drowning Pool is drummer Mike Luce, who interacted with the crowd a lot via his headset microphone. Photos by Michel Dussack
While the show wasn't quite full, that didn't stop Drowning Pool from giving the audience their all. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Indeed, by the end of their set, a large mosh pit opened up on the floor. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Drowning Pool ended their set with their biggest hit ever, "Bodies", which sent the crowd into a frenzy as Jason sang it from the photo pit. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
After a brief set change, it was time for Flyeaf to take the stage. They also have a new vocalist. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dusssack
Flyleaf's lead guitarist, Sameer Bhattacharya was extremely energetic, running around the stage and constantly jumping up and down. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Flyleaf's rhythm guitarist Jared Hartmenn stayed in the shadows for most of the band's 18 song set. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Kristen May has taken over vocal duties for Flyleaf since original vocalist Lacey Sturm stepped down from the band late last year. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Flyleaf's set drew heavily from their first and third albums, with a small handful of tracks from their second. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Bassist Pat Seals was even more energetic than Sameer, frequently climbing to the top of a small ladder in front of him and leaping off it while playing. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Kristen is an incredibly talented vocalist, and she proved that she is more than capable of leading the band during their show. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Flyleaf's drummer James Culpepper about to pound away at his kit. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Pat standing and posing at the top of his ladder. Standouts from their set included the set opening "Again" and the penultimate song of the night - "All Around Me". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Flyleaf closed out the night with one of their biggest and heaviest songs, "I'm So Sick" which let the crowd get out the last of their energy before the show was over. Photos by Michel Dussack
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