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WATCH: Tommy Lasorda is Not a Fan of Psy



    Psy Dances for Crowd at Dodgers Stadium

    Watch Psy break into dance as "Gentleman" comes on. To celebrate Ryu presented Psy with his game worn jersey.Psy also got to hang out in the changing room and meet the rest of the team. (Published Friday, May 3, 2013)

    Korean pop star Psy is a record-shattering YouTube sensation, but there is at least one person who is not a fan.

    Psy performed his new song "Gentlemen" at the bottom of the fourth inning at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night right in front of a befuddled and unamused Tommy Lasorda - former player and coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    The 85-year-old baseball legend looked visibly confused and remained in his seat while spectators around him stood up and cheered.

    Psy is scheduled to perform "Gentlemen" -- the follow up song to "Gangnam Style" -- on Friday's braodcast of the "Today" show.