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Watch: First Look at 'Friends' Reunion

The casts of "Friends," "Cheers," "Will & Grace," "Mike & Molly," "Frasier," "Taxi," and more reunite to honor legendary TV director James Burrows.



    Chandler may be MIA, but the upcoming "Friends" reunion looks like it's going to be a heck of a lot of fun anyway.

    The first promo for NBC's James Burrows tribute has been released, and even just a few seconds of it will have "Friends" fans giddy. Not only does the cast sit down for a chat with Andy Cohen, but the special also features the casts of a ton of your favorite network comedies.

    The casts of "Cheers," "Taxi," "Frasier," and "Will & Grace," as well as current shows "Mike & Molly" and "The Big Bang Theory," will all be there to honor legendary TV director James Burrows. 

    Cohen, as longtime host of "Watch What Happens Live," obviously couldn't stay away from the question many have been asking for 20 years about relationships behind the scenes, and you're just going to have to watch the promo to see Lisa Kudrow's adorable reaction.

    The special celebrates Burrows, who recently directed his 1,000th episode of TV. 15 of those were "Friends" episodes, including the pilot and the epic "we were on a break" saga. During the special, the various casts answer questions and apparently get up to a few shenanigans throughout the night.

    After the announcement of the special made waves last month, fans and cast members alike were devastated to learn that it would only be a 5/6 reunion, as Matthew Perry wasn't able to attend. David Schwimmer even told E! News that he was "sad" about the lack of Chandler, but still excited to be able to honor Burrows.  Top Celeb Photos: 'Parks and Rec' Cast ReunitesTop Celeb Photos: 'Parks and Rec' Cast Reunites

    As for the possibility of an actual reunion happening, Burrows himself is dubious.

    "I don't think you should ever go back. I firmly believe in that," he said during a conference call with reporters. "They've talked to us about a 'Cheers' reunion for years and we don't want to do one...I don't think the 'Friends' – I have no control over this – I don't think they'll ever want to do a reunion again. It's what it was and it was a treasure in television..."

    "Must See TV: A Tribute to James Burrows" airs Sunday, Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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