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Fallon: "Water War" with Jake Gyllenhaal



    Fallon Water War with Jake Gyllenhaal

    Fallon Water War with Jake Gyllenhaal (Published Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014)

    Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal faced off against each other in the card game “War” where the loser faces wet consequences.

    The “Nightcrawler” star and “Tonight Show” host squared off with five glasses of water and a deck of cards. The classic card game “War” was raised to the next level, and promised a very wet ending.

    The new rules state that every lost hand means a glass of water to the face. The first person to empty all five glasses not only wins, but they get to use the water cannon to finish off their opponent.

    “Lot’s of ways to get wet, but only one way to win,” said Fallon.

    Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

    The first round sent the two contestants to “war” when they both drew matching cards. The stakes were raised and the glass of water was replaced by a full pitcher.

    “What we are going to do is one card flip, two card flip, three card flip, and the third one is the one that counts,” Fallon explained.

    After loosing the “war” round, Gyllenhaal insisted that the game “is fixed,” before going on to win the next two rounds.

    “I’m pissing on your head, Jimmy,” Gyllenhaal screamed after a victory, made awkward by the fact that had just declared how strangely warm the water was.

    “That is not what one says to another person,” Fallon responded.

    The guys got creative with the water dumps, winding up fully drenched halfway through the game. Watch the video above to find out who won.