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Yuge Offer: Cuban Offers Trump $10M for One-on-One Interview

The billionaire laid out his offer and "ground rules" in a series of tweets Friday



    Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $10M For One-on-One Interview
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    File photo. Mark Cuban offered presidential candidate Donald Trump $10 million for a one-on-one interview via Twitter Friday.

    Now that's one YUGE offer.

    Billionaire Mark Cuban really wants to know what Donald Trump’s plans are if he’s elected president in November. So much so the Dallas Mavericks owner went on social media to to offer the Republican presidential nominee a $10 million donation to the charity of his choice if he sits for a one-on-one interview on the substance of his policies in a series of tweets on Friday.

    Cuban laid rules out in follow up tweets, including not being able to mention the Clintons and not having anyone else in the room to help.

    "Just me, you and a broadcast crew," Cuban tweeted.

    Within his "ground rules," Cuban added that the two would only discuss the details and facts of Trump’s plans.

    He went on to say that he would simply write the check and give it Trump to keep.

    "In the immortal words of YOU.  'What do you have to lose ?';" Cuban wrote in the last tweet.

    Cuban has been vocal about his dislike for Trump for some time. He endorsed Hillary Clinton at a rally in Pittsburgh, and said that Trump scared him, NBC News reported back in July. Cuban himself has also toyed with a run for the presidency, but has never followed through.

    Trump has yet to respond to Cuban's offer.