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"Survivor" Winner Hatch to be Released From Jail



    "Survivor" Winner Hatch to be Released From Jail
    Richard Hatch is getting out of jail.

    Reality TV star Richard Hatch has won his latest challenge – he’s getting out of jail.

    The first season “Survivor” winner will be released from a Massachusetts jail cell today after having served a 51-month sentence for tax evasion on his $1 million dollar game show winnings, The Associated Press reports.

    After being allowed to serve out part of the sentence from his Newport R.I. home earlier this year, Hatch was sent back to jail following a series of unauthorized TV interviews in August.

    Afterward, Hatch complained that he had been punished for speaking out against the judge and prosecutor in his case.

    His release is no get-out-of-jail-free card.

    Hatch must still pay back taxes, enroll in a mental health program and serve three years of probation, according to the AP.