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Scott Storch: Less Money, Mo' Problems

The South Florida hip-hop producer is forced to pay up... again



    Scott Storch: Less Money, Mo' Problems
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    Why do you always cover up that sweet baby face with those shades, Scott Storch?

    South Florida's second most notable hip-hop producer, Scott "I look like I'm 14" Storch will have to reach into his once-deep pockets yet again, according to the Miami Herald.

    That's because Miami actor Matt Sinnreich sued Storch for breach of contract and civil theft. Apparently, the two planned on forming a company that would represent local musicians Sindy Espitia and Darrell "D Shep" Sheppard.

    After Sinnreich ponied up 25 grand, though, Storch not only never formed the company, he didn't even return Sinnreich's money.

    Sinnreich hired attorney Marc Brumer, who is also representing Suge Knight, who is suing The Shore Club and Kanye West for negligence after Knight was shot in the leg (it was Sinnreich's orthopedic surgeon dad who ended up treating him) at a party West hosted at the South Beach hotel.

    Anyhoo, after Storch failed to respond to the complaint, a Miami-Dade jury awarded Sinnreich $750,000.

    Sinnreich will have to get in line for his payout, however, considering Storch was recently ordered to pay over $45,000 in late child support and over $700,000 in property taxes on his Palm Island mansion, which is now in foreclosure and set to go on the market next month.

    But perhaps Sinnreich won't even need the money, since he just scored a role in what is sure to be a blockbuster film - Cougar Hunting, a comedy about three young bucks who go to Aspen to find hot, rich old ladies.

    Maybe Suge Knight, who is also dealing with bankruptsy issues, could do the soundtrack.