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Josh Brolin’s Candid Cop Car Conversation



    Josh Brolin’s Candid Cop Car Conversation

    Josh Brolin may have dodged a legal bullet after Shreveport, Louisiana, prosecutors agreed to drop charges against the “W” star for an incident at a local bar last year, but the actor hasn’t walked away totally unscathed.

    A video showing a reportedly inebriated Brolin and fellow actor Jeffrey Wright in the back of a cop car, following last year’s arrest on misdemeanor charges, has just been released.

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    In the clip, Brolin, whose head sways and bobs in the video, is seen leaning over to Wright and joking “Wanna kissy? MMMmmmwah!”

    He also is heard giving his pal some encouraging words over their arrest.

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    “I understand for you it’s major, man, but for me it’s,” he says before trailing off inaudibly.

    “This is my seventh time,” Brolin is heard saying. “I’m used to this sh**.”

    He also makes a reference to Diane Lane during the footage.

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    “My wife’s gonna be so happy,” he tells Wright sarcastically.

    As previously reported on, Brolin, Wright and five crew members from Oliver Stone’s “W,” film were arrested on July 12 at the Stray Cat Club in Shreveport, LA. Brolin and Wright were charged with interfering with police officers during a scuffle.

    Blair Berk, who represented the cast and crewmembers, told the Associated Press earlier this week that prosecutors have agreed to drop charges against the group within the next two months if they stay out of trouble during that time.

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