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We're Loving: Thea Grant's "Navy Yard" Collection



    We're Loving: Thea Grant's "Navy Yard" Collection

    Jewelry designer Thea Grant has been making statement necklaces since before they were the "it" piece to own this season, and we're particularly enamored with her dramatic and eclectic "Navy Yard" series.

    Grant and her partner, Nicolas Bazzani, have often taken the city as inspiration -- the Williamsburg collection features heavy chains and watches, while the Coney Island collection feels much lighter, with keys and safety pins accentuating smaller chains -- and each piece seems like a sophisticated, updated take on a charm necklace: chunky talismans, vintage, and found objects are carefully paired together to stunning effect. The Navy Yard's mysterious and historic vibe has brought forth a series of necklaces that ranges from regal to military-inspired.

    "There is something romantic and tragic about the Brooklyn Navy Yard," says Grant. "It is a special combination of teh sheer scale, the obvious power and vitality it enjoyed in the city's history, and now the ebb and flow of abandon of the Navy Yard that inspired us to assign its name to one of our collections -- that and the fact that we live and work beside it."

    The sheer range and scale of some of the pieces obviously reflects as much. "The collection contains some of the most sculptural, sizeable, and signature statement pieces among our work which feature objects of use, some long forgotten, some still familiar, in juxtaposition to and/or in tandem with some of the more traditional materials seen in jewelry."

    Thea Grant Jewelry is available at Barneys New York Co-op.