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Fall 2014

Thakoon: The Future is Dark and Fuzzy



    Thakoon Panichgul has built an empire out of soft, romantic dresses and bright, crowd-pleasing prints. The man is good at what he does, and he does it often--which is precisely why we thrilled to see him take a different direction for fall 2010.

    One wouldn't typically associate the words "bestial" or "wild" with a designer who inspired so many of the city's Valentine Day frocks, but that's precisely what this collection was about!  Composed almost entirely of furs (mink, raccoon, Mongolian, fox--occasionally all in one garment in a pathwork style), this collection was sensual in an untamed, call-of-the-jungle kind of way. 

    A moody palette of blacks, greys and dusky lavenders added something mysterious and erotic to Thakoon's voluptuous fur coats and animal-print dresses.  Occasionally, the styling would push things to a punk rock edge--such as a black fur bolero worn over sheer silk top with patent leather stripes.

    With this collection--which, in our opinion, is his most powerful showing yet--Panichgul avoided being forever typecast as Pretty Dress Guy.  We're not sure we'll want this darker (and significantly fuzzier) version of our beloved Thakoon around forever, but it's nice to know he has a few more tricks up his sleeve.