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Stefano Pilati on Departure from YSL, Working with Tom Ford



    Stefano Pilati is doing just fine, thank you.

    Just four weeks after announcing his departure from Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati gave a sold-out lecture at the French Institute Alliance Francaise.

    Speaking candidly but humbly Tuesday night, Pilati admitted many moments of self-doubt while at YSL, even while he was being credited with revitalizing a hemorrhaging business, from the commercial success of his "Tribute" pumps ("I had never tried designing shoes before," Pilati later admitted) to the ubiquitous "Muse" bag or tulip skirt.

    For example, while working under Tom Ford at YSL before Pilati was the boss, Pilati said  Ford "had enough confidence for everybody around him. I question every single moment of my life, so I was like, 'give me some!'"

    Pilati also offered candid feelings about Ford's decision to quit the house. "He was an American boss with an American mentality...It's true there was a big shock initially, for me and I think for him too," he said. "But when he left, I felt a bit abandoned, in a way. I said to myself, 'carry on.'"

    Not long after, Pilati was appointed creative director of YSL. "Honestly, after that first collection, I thought they would just fire me immediately." Later, Pilati remarked that the first collection at Yves Saint Laurent was also the personal favorite of his thirty-year career. "I loved the first one, because it was the first one, I suppose. And because I believe I did a really good job."

    Of course, with the game of musical chairs in progress as the Dior seat sits empty, the question in the back of everybody's mind was: what's next?"

    "A lot of vacation," he laughed."I'm pretty sure I have the energy and the knowledge at least to try to do something relevant," he said, clearly choosing his words carefully. "That is, unless I decide to stay on vacation forever."