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Kate Spade's Story Time



    Two New York stalwarts—Kate Spade and The Strand bookstore—have commissioned a handful of female writers on a series of short stories incorporating the phrase, "she is quick and curious and playful and strong..."

    And quick she is--the stories, set to drop at the Strand today, are currently out of stock on the Kate Spade website. There are copies to be had at the Strand, however, so never fear.

    The stories, written by authors Laurie Baker, Bridie Clark, Suzanne Rivecca, Hannah Seligson, Amanda Smyth, Ilana Stanger-Ross and Sara Vilkomerson, spin out from the broad list of charming traits to a myriad of equally enchanting stories.

    And in true Kate Spade style, the volumes come packed in a sassy red boxed-set. We're gifting this to our die-hard New Yorker style mavens for sure--or, at least, those who are quick and curious and playful and strong...