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Golden Globe Forecasting: What They'll Be Wearing



    Yesterday's announcement of the 2010 Golden Globe nominations officially kicked off the ramp-up to awards season, heralding a tidal wave of predictions: who will win, who will be nominated for other awards, and for those of us who live for the pre-event red carpet footage, who will be wearing what.

    As stylists flex their muscles for the shopping season ahead, WWD reports on some likely trends that will separate this year's red carpet walkers from those of past seasons: notably brighter colors and softer silhouettes as alternatives to the abundance of shimmering metallic toned numbers and strapless mermaid-style gowns. And as a pregnant Rachel Zoe may very well be out of the running as a go-to stylist for actresses this year, there's even more room for deviation from the norm—or at the very least, for a new crop of stylists to help their clients dazzle in the spotlight.

    And while it's too early to say who's wearing what, we can guess that best-actress nominee Natalie Portman will likely be wearing Dior, the result of her recent turn as the fashion house's new face for Miss Dior Cherie. Besides this new relationship, Dior's gowns also typify that exquisite elegance embodied by ballerinas—and Portman played one in Black Swan—making it all the more fitting a choice. But then again, there's Rodarte, which not only designed the film's costumes, but is also one of Portman's favorite labels. Whatever she chooses, it's likely the dress will show off her neck and shoulders, as past gowns would suggest.

    Likewise, we can expect Mad Men'sJanuary Jones to don Versace as she too is a loyal supporter of the label, and also its newest celebrity spokesmodel. We're anticipating a love-it-or-hate-it dress, as Jones hasn't been one to play it safe in seasons past.

    We'll forever love Michelle Williams' unforgettable yellow Vera Wang gown that she wore to the 2006 Academy Awards, and hope to see a similarly bold and surprising color shine through this year. We'd be thrilled to see her in Prabal Gurung, Vera Wang again—but in a short and sheer light blue number from her recent collection—or perhaps one of the amazingly ladylike, yet utterly modern dresses from Proenza Schouler's spring line.

    When it comes to awards gowns, Anne Hathaway tends to take the classic, elegant and timeless approach: white, black (or darks), and red are often her standby colors. While that certainly lends staying power to the looks, it can also come across as a tad boring. The movie she was most recently nominated for, Love and Other Drugs, reveals a much less inhibited side of the actress, so hopefully that will translate to her dress choice as well. Although we won't be surprised if she winds up in a Valentino gown (her go-to choice for past seasons), we'd love to see her break out in something by Altuzarra who strikes a key balance between young and sexy.