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Rumor: Chanel Bags May Undergo a Price Increase Next Month



    Following the recent 20-percent price hike on classic Chanel bags throughout Europe, Madison Avenue Spyreports that now a similar increase will occur here in the states. As early as August 1, department stores and Chanel boutiques across the country may start selling the iconic Reissue, for example -- currently retailing for $3600 -- for as much as $4100.

    MAS surveyed Chanel stockists throughout the city, and got a fairly vague set of responses (though none were denials), with the exception of a salesperson at Bergdorf Goodman, who confirmed the pending increase.

    We too called some vendors throughout the city and got similarly ambiguous answers, ranging from "It's just a rumor. We have no official news," from a salesperson at the Chanel boutique on 57th Street, to "We have no information and won't until it happens," from Elmira, a Chanel salesperson at Saks Fifth Avenue.

    However another salesperson at Bergdorf did affirm that yes, a price hike is imminent and inevitable: "There was an increase in France, July 1. There's definitely going to be an increase, maybe about 20 percent, but we don't know the exact date. Pretty soon, though."