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Brooklyn Law School Says That Diesel Pulled a Fast One



    Brooklyn Law School is crying foul over Diesel's racy fall/winter 2010 ad campaign, featuring lingerie-clad models engaging in plenty of naughty behavior, which took place in the school's library. According to the college, the clothing company had led the administration to believe it would be a fully-clothed jeans ad, Gothamist reports.

    A statement released by the school reads: “When we gave Diesel jeans permission to do a photo shoot, we understood that jeans, and not what is worn under them, would be the subject of the shoot. We would not want to create the impression that the featured attire was approved by us."

    Clothes or no clothes, we're a little suprised that Brooklyn Law wouldn't have expected a racy ad from the get-go. Had they done their homework, they would have quickly discovered that Diesel's modus operandi is one that almost always leans on shock value. And while the school disapproves of the dishonest and raunchy shoot, something tells us a good deal of students are probably psyched to brag about how sexy it is to be a law student these days.