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Rachel Zoe Suggests $400 Bunny Ears for Halloween



    Rachel Zoe advocated a pair of $400 bunny ears in her recent daily newsletter, The Zoe Report. Granted, they're Louis Vuitton, but when the "parallel" (read: lower-priced) version costs $67 and -- in our opinion -- looks better, clearly there's some flawed logic involved.

    We certainly understand the value of an investment piece. A pair of leopard-print Louboutins may seem like a waste of money to some, but we can recognize the level of craftsmanship, materials, and value-per-wear (a good pair of heels can be worn season-to-season for years). That said, a pair of bunny ears should never -- ever -- cost $400.

    What's more, these ears aren't even the dramatic, sculptural pieces that Stephen Jones designed for the Vuitton runway presentation. Those were at least artistic and incredibly unique. Even Zoe admits these are a "smaller, more wearable version." And then, as if to prove our argument, she also advocates a "parallel" version by Mary Kaiser on Etsy that costs a far more reasonable $67. 

    We agree with Zoe that fashion is meant to be playful, and that a truly unique piece can be worth an investment. But frankly, we'd rather make our investments in other Louis Vuitton accessories, and leave the rabbit ears to Etsy.