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Lady Gaga Pays Homage to Hello Kitty



    Lady Gaga Pays Homage to Hello Kitty
    Markus Klinko & Indrani

    Red carpet eccentric Lady Gaga has posed for an over-the-top series of photos saluting famous white cat Hello Kitty, who's celebrating a 35th birthday this year.

    The photos, shot by Markus Klinko and Indrani, feature Gaga posing in various over-the-top garb with Hello Kitty accoutrements -- from a glittering bra with jewel-encrusted Hello Kitty purse to a strapless gown made entirely of stuffed Hello Kitty dolls (reminiscent of her famous Kermit the Frog dress).

    According to the Daily Mail (and confirmed on the singer's official website), the images will appear in the limited edition re-release of Gaga's hit album "The Fame," which will also include a lock of Ms. Gaga's hair and 3D glasses to view some of the images in the set. One thing we must give Lady Gaga credit for: She continues to surprise.