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L.A.M.B.: Spring 2010



    Gwen Stefani, with family in tow, debuted a lively collection we can already see taking to the street come spring.

    Although some of the moment's trends popped up in the collection for a few more polished choices - leopard print detailing, albeit in a jumbo sized print, and a one-shoulder draped mini-dress, but since it's Stefani, in tomato red - for the most part, L.A.M.B. stayed true to its happy-punk vibe with drop-crotch harem pants, ultra-minis, jersey jumpsuits and everybody's favorite trend of the moment, the no-pants movement, done here with lots of lacy legs and camouflage-printed tights. 

    Shoes were thick and sky-high, paired with L.A.M.B. grafitti bags we think must look best on teenagers.  The most fun part of the presentation, perhaps, was the neon makeup and twisted and spiky harajuku hair.  Eyes were yellow, blue, orange and green and everyone sported the same exploding ponytails, just like Gwen!