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High Fives: Natasha Bedingfield



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    The pop star played "The Today Show" last Friday and looked like the epitome of summer chic in a slightly monochromatic outfit with killer lizard platforms.

    We'll admit, we wouldn't have necessarily though to pair this sporty blue mini with a lighter blue belt -- we always go for neutral belts in grays, browns, and even metallics -- but this totally works. The whole effect is almost colorblock. And the dress itself is just so flattering -- plus, it has pockets! 

    Finally, we love that she chose to spice up the whole look with some seriously hot shoes. Frankly, this kind of pared-down ensemble is exactly the kind of thing these platforms should be paired with -- something that acts as a nice counterpoint to the overt sexiness of all the lizard platform strappiness.

    Given that it was about 95-million degrees out last week, we give Ms. Bedingfield extra props for looking so cool.