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Grace Coddington's Purse Stolen in Paris



    The creative director of Vogue (and unlikely heroine of "The September Issue") was apparently the victim of a thief in Paris outside the Givenchy Spring 2010 collection, who stole her high-fashion bag right out of her chaffeured car, allegedly while her driver was sleeping.

    Now, we came up with a little theory during fashion week: The more important you are, the less you're carrying at the shows. We, for example, were often toting around a massive handbag packed with invitations and (we'll admit) changes of shoes, whereas someone like Anna Wintour was often carrying a clutch, if anything. That's because the biggest editors have private cars where they can leave their invites, bags, shoes, et al.

    Apparently, however, this method is not without its own perils, and we hope that Ms. Coddington's no-doubt-extravagant purse is returned toute suite.