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Jason "Baywatch" Momoa to Be the Next Conan the Barbarian



    You know that tall buff guy with the dreads that you occasionally see on TV -- usually in a bathing suit -- while surfing past second-tier networks? That guy's been cast as in the lead for the next Conan the Barbarian film iteration.

    Jason Momoa, who has played a lifeguard on "Baywatch Hawaii," a bartender at a tropical resort on "North Shore,"  and a surfer in the movie "Pipeline," has been cast to play everyone's favorite barbarian, reported Nikki Finke.

    Director Marcus Nispel, who earlier this year did the latest "Friday the 13th," is now bringing Conan to the big screen sometime in 2011. Shooting starts March 15 in Bulgaria.

    It's easy to sit here and throw spitballs at the choice of Momoa, a man who is a virtual unknown with an underwhelming resume, but it's not like Arnold was hailed as a great action star when he first brought Conan to the big screen. In fact, it was his first big role. This thing isn't going to succeed or fail on the strength of Momoa.

    But enough being mature about the whole thing -- Jason Momoa? Seriously?