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De Niro Chasing Bradley Cooper Across "Dark Fields"



    Robert De Niro has joined the cast of "Dark Fields," the upcoming thriller starring Bradley Cooper as the possessor of the ultimate smart drug.

    Neil Burger will be directing the film, in which Cooper plays an ex-cokehead named Eddie who works as a copywriter. Eddie stumbles upon a stash of MTD-48, a drug that makes you incredibly smart, but has vicious side effects, like blackouts and homicidal urges.

    De Niro will play one of the mysterious men trying to get their hands on Cooper's stash. Word of De Niro's casting comes from Variety, and is quick on the heels of rumors that Elizabeth Banks will play Cooper's ex-wife with whom he tries to reconnect.

    Burger's 2006 film, "The Illusionist," starring Edward Norton was an overlooked effort that got a bit overshadowed by the better "old timey magician" movie of that year, "The Prestige," starring Christian Bale.

    It's nice to see De Niro moving away from the schmaltz of Flocker-dom and "Everybody's Fine."