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Deervana Announces Brooklyn Appearance



    In a perfect world, show announcements would always follow this unexpected, opportunistic schedule.

    Begin the cycle with an epic show nearly 1,800 miles away from your next gig that causes a groundswell of excitement that carries across the country. Follow that show with a fewecstaticreviews to continue the buzz and then – boom - drop another show directly on the heads of fans that did not have the luxury of being at the previous concert held miles away.

    This is the story surrounding Deervana (Deer Tick as Nirvana) which you may have read about in yesterday’s SXSW recap. Now maybe Deer Tick’s team are a bunch of geniuses, but I know those guys and wouldn’t give them all the credit – just most of it, (we don’t want to inflate their egos).

    What I do know is that what we all witnessed at the Lustre Pearl in Austin, TX on Saturday night was something epic and to deprive Deer Tick’s northeast fan base the chance to see it would be borderline criminal.

    So it is with great pleasure that I bring you the announcement of Deervana – the Deer Tick tribute to grunge godfathers Nirvana. The show will take place at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday, June 19 as part of the Northside Festival that invades Williamsburg and Greenpoint all weekend long.

    Tickets are only $15 and are already on sale. If you grew up loving Nirvana, then absolutely be sure not to miss this show.

    If you remember, and many in attendance that evening probably struggle to, this is not the first time Deer Tick performed a tribute set at Brooklyn Bowl. On Halloween of 2009, the band played a set as punk legends the Sex Pistols. Let’s hope this Deervana is just as rowdy.