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Better Read Than Dead: Shya Scanlon Speaks at KGB Bar



    KGB Bar, the East Village's Communist-themed watering hole, plays an unlikely host to a series of weekly readings for up-and-coming authors. And that's exactly why poet Shya Scanlon chose this venue to read excerpts from his new book of poetry "In This Alone Impulse" last night.

    “It was also very close to where I live,” he quipped.

    Authors, poets and bibliophiles gather at the former headquarters of the Ukrainian socialist party weekly to hear artists try to make a name for themselves against the backdrop of propaganda pictures, portraits of Lenin and a massive flag emblazoned with a hammer and sickle. 

    Scanlon's book is full of disjunct, stream-of-consciousness poetry that he said was written as a way to cope with moving to New York.

    “Five years ago, I moved here and felt strange loneliness and feebleness,” he said. “The poetry became a way to process this big crazy city.”

    When friend and fellow poet Todd Zuniga took the podium and introduced Scanlon, he said the best way to describe the poetry was “as if somebody dropped a dictionary on the floor and he picked all the words up.”

    Scanlon has also written a novel "Forecast," which is set for publication this spring.