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Cara Buono on "Mad Men's" Dr. Faye Miller: We're Both "Self-Made"



    Cara Buono, who plays blond bombshell Dr. Faye Miller on Season 4 of AMC’s "Mad Men," isn't so different from the 1960s psychologist.

    “She’s self-made. I’m self-made," Buono told Niteside. "I feel like I’ve gotten where I am without having a relative or something to help me.”

    The 36-year-old actress took a few moments to dish on her "Mad Men" gig before Tuesday's advanced screening of the new drama "Never Let Me Go" at New York's Tribeca Grand. Buono shared the red carpet with Glenn Close, Lauren Hutton and the movie’s leads, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, among others.

    Miller's accent is another shared trait between the two women.

    "I'm from the Bronx, so Faye's accent -- she does a little bit of a New York accent here and there -- I'm able to access that pretty easily."

    There is one way Buono differs from Miller.

    Early in Season 4, Miller admits to Don Draper that her wedding band serves only as a "stop sign" to keep men in the office away. This is not the case for Buono.

    “[Faye] wears a ring that’s pretend. Mine is real!”