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Health Headlines: Think Positive for Better Health



    Start thinking positivity as part of health: A study of 5,000 college students over a period of 40 years found students who were the most pessimistic tended to die younger. [Reuters via MSNBC]

    Infants can develop mental illness, and without treatment, could suffer from long-term problems, according to a study in "American Psychologist." [HealthDay]

    Abuse of the designer drug mephedrone is growing "out of control" across the world -- and the Internet is playing a big role, according to the International Narcotics Control Board. [Reuters via Yahoo]

    Some ways climate change could bring more health problems: Bad air, longer allergy seasons, infectious diseases. [Time]

    Countries where women have made greater strides toward equality also find more women smoking. [Time]

    More than 500 prescription cold drugs have been pulled pending FDA review. [NYT]