CUNY Considers Ban on Intimate Relationships Between Professors, Students

The current policy only "strongly discourages" intimate relationships.

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    The City University of New York is mulling a ban on intimate relationships between students and professors.

    The City University of New York has proposed banning intimate relationships between professors and students with a stricter sexual-harassment policy, reports the New York Post.

    The new policy would forbid professors from having intimate relationships with students they deal with professionally. The current policy only "strongly discourages" them.
    The information was sent out in a memo last week from Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, the Post said.
    CUNY is one of many universities across the country to formally insist that there can't be "consensual relationships" between professors and students, especially when the profs have academic and professional responsibilities to that student.
    The push for this mandate across CUNY reportedly came after faculty members at John Jay College discussed possible sexual misconduct scenarios and requested a change in policy.
    Whether the university will be able to enforce the rule is unclear. 
    "If two people want to become intimate, is someone going to turn them in?" asked Bronx Community College and Graduate Center professor David Gordon.