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Veteran Resumes Yearly Flag-Raising Ceremony at Sunset Beach



    (Published Sunday, May 29, 2011)

    As parades and tributes take place across our area today to honor the men and women who served and died defending the nation, one man in Cape May, N.J., is making Memorial Day even more memorable for the families of veterans.

    Marvin Hume, a World War II veteran who lost a childhood friend when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, is raising a new flag each morning this summer over Sunset Beach. The flags were once draped over the coffins of fallen veterans.

    Hume has been performing this ceremony for decades as a final salute to honor the sacrifice of his friend and the sacrifices of our troops.

    "These are men and women who have served this country, so that means a lot to me," said Hume.

    Donna Bell, a daughter of a veteran, said as she observed the raised flags, "My mother would be honored, and very proud of this day. [The flag] is up there, she's flowing with the wind, standing tall like my mom would."

    The families of 6,000 veterans have seen their heroes honored on the beach this way.