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Tammy the Turkey Too Tough for Turnpike

Giving authorities, motorists the bird



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    Tammy the Turkey on the New Jersey Turnpike

    Rescue efforts for Tammy the Turkey, stranded for months now next to Exit 14B on the New Jersey Turnpike don't seem to be going anywhere.

    And for the moment, at least, officials are going to leave Tammy alone.

    Is That a Turkey on the Turnpike?

    [NY] Is That a Turkey on the Turnpike?
    Yes. Yes, it is.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 13, 2009)

    "Later this week we’ll be revisiting the issue and we think that we’ll be able to move the bird to a safe location under a new name and identity to protect her from the crush of media interest," said Turnpike spokesman Joe Orlando after weekend efforts to catch Tammy went for naught.

    Tammy became a media sensation last week when NBC New York caught her on video stopping traffic at the Jersey City exit as she went back and forth across the ramp.

    "We’re regrouping at the moment so for the next day or so we’re just letting Tammy have some peace and allow her to gloat over her victory this weekend," admitted Orlando.

    Another Turnpike source quipped. "There's been more video of Tammy than Cary Prejean."

    Tammy not only prefers taking her chances in traffic over the dining room table next week, but she's been jumping on top of parked toll collector cars.

    Orlando summed it up this way, "Ultimately we want to make sure that this story ends happily, so we’re dismissing those calls we got from people suggesting we call Butterball and Perdue."

    Collectors will have to continue putting cones on their parked cars because the turkey likes to jump on the cars, and motorists will continue dodging the bird.