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New Jersey Mom Accused of Hosting Teen Party



    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013)

    A 44-year-old New Jersey mom is accused of letting teenagers drink and party at her home, officials said.

    Police say they were investigating reports of a noisy house party Saturday night in Tenafly, and arrived on the scene to find dozens of teens fleeing the home.

    Officers say Ivette Wilson was at the house, along with "dozens of open containers of beer and hard alcohol," as well as marijuana and evidence of other drugs, believed to be cocaine.

    She is charged with maintaining a nuisance and allowing underage drinking on her property.

    Detectives are trying to find the teens who were there by tracking some of their personal belongings they left when they fled. Police say they expect to file charges against those kids once they are identified.

    Wilson did not answer the door at her home Wednesday.