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Hero Teen Tried to Stop Shopping Cart Throwers Who Hurt Mom

The cart was thrown from four stories up.



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    A hero teen dragged a shopping cart away from two 12-year-old boys who later grabbed another one and threw it four stories onto the head of a 47-year-old woman shopping for Halloween candy with her young son in Harlem, surveillance video shows.

    Marion Hedges, a West Side philanthropist, remains hospitalized in critical condition after Sunday's incident. The boys who dropped the cart on her head have been arrested and charged with first-degree assault.

    Thrown Shopping Cart Critically Injures Woman

    [NY] Thrown Shopping Cart Critically Injures Woman
    Police say two 12-year-old dropped the shopping cart from the fourth floor of the East River Shopping Plaza in Harlem. Pei-Sze Cheng has the story.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011)

    According to the Daily News, police got the surveillance video from the developer of the mall where Hedges was hurt.

    It shows a teenager, believed to be about 14, pulling the cart away from the younger teens. The video also shows the 12-year-olds running back into the mall garage, grabbing another cart, and tossing it over the ledge onto the woman’s head.

    “This is a horrible, unfortunate incident,” mall developer David Blumenfeld told the News. “It’s unfathomable that someone would do this.”

    One of the accused 12-year-old’s grandmothers agreed, telling the paper she never believed her grandson could do such a thing.

    The woman also confirmed to the paper that at least one teenager had told the boys they shouldn’t throw the cart over the ledge.

    The teenager pictured in the video is believed to be one of the people who turned the younger boys in to police. His identity has not been released.