Gen. Petraeus: Times Square Bomber Acted Alone

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    New video of the Times Square bomb suspect, allegedly buying the fireworks found inside the SUV he's accused of trying to blow up. Jonathan Dienst reports. (Published Friday, May 7, 2010)

    Gen. David Petraeus says the Times Square bombing suspect is a "lone wolf" terrorist who did not work with others.

    The general who oversees the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan tells The Associated Press that alleged bomber Faisal Shahzad was inspired by militants in Pakistan, but didn't have direct contact with them.

    Tracking the Nissan's History in Times Square Investigation

    [NY] Tracking the Nissan's History in Times Square Investigation
    Tracking the history of the Pathfinder is proving to be a key part of this major investigation. Roseanne Colletti reports. (Published Tuesday, May 4, 2010)

    Authorities say Shahzad told investigators he went to a terror training camp in Pakistan, but they have yet to confirm that.

    Shahzad is a U.S. citizen, accused of an attempted terror attack nearly a week ago in New York's Times Square. He was caught late Monday night trying to leave the country.

    Times Square Attack: New Surveillance Video Details

    [NY] Times Square Attack: New Surveillance Video Details
    We're learning that police have surveillance video of Faisal Shahzad near Times Square moments after the SUV started smoking. Jonathan Dienst reports. (Published Thursday, May 6, 2010)

    Officials have been investigating whether Shahzad got money from militant groups, including the Pakistani Taliban, which originally claimed responsibility for the bombing attempt then backed off that claim.

    Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Friday he believed Shahzad did not act alone, but he had seen no evidence suggesting the Pakistan Taliban were involved.

    "All those leads, suggesting it was his own action, I will not accept that. I'd like to see details," Malik told reporters in Beijing. "Obviously, he had bought a vehicle filled with explosives. It looks a bit difficult (to say) that he's (working) alone."

    A Pakistani Taliban spokesman said Thursday the group had nothing to do with the attempted bombing, but added: "Such attacks are welcome."

    "We have no relation with Faisal. However, he is our Muslim brother," Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told the AP in Pakistan by telephone from an undisclosed location. "We feel proud of Faisal. He did a brave job."

    The group has never launched a successful terrorist attack against the United States.