German Shepherd Rescued from Staten Island Marsh

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    Rescuers in Staten Island had to cross a creek in Midland Beach to rescue a puppy that ran off into the marsh area. For the owner's young son, it was a special reunion. Brian Thompson reports. (Published Thursday, April 25, 2013)

    A German Shepherd that had just been brought home to live with a family on Staten Island had to be rescued Thursday after he ran off and got stuck in a marshy area.
    Rescuers had to cross a creek in Midland Beach to reach the pup named Mikey, whose 11-year-old owner just got him from a New Jersey farm this week.

    Animal rescue and police were able to help, and bring the dog back.
    "Maybe he thought for a second he still could play," said the boy's father, Mohamad Awada. "He didn't know that this is not New Jersey, this is Staten Island. What we have here is the swamps, it's not like green land."
    Mikey was back safe Thursday afternoon, and was being fed and given water.