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Bully Mr. Softie Vendors Threaten Gourmet Ice Cream Truck

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    We all scream...

    The best dispatch from President Obama and the Governor of New York's awkward meeting today? "Mr. Paterson was seen playing with his mustache while the president spoke." [City Room]

    A reader sent in a wonderfully detailed graphical representation of two "hipster vandals" spotted in Ditmas Park. [Ditmas Park Blog]

    A film location scout in New York compiled a "full shot-by-shot dissection" of scenes from Ghostbusters with photos of the spots how they appear today. [Scouting NY]

    The deliciously expensive (or expensively delicious?) Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck was bullied out of midtown Manhattan today after Mr. Softie vendors threatened the driver's life. [Midtown Lunch]

    The Robot Monkeys are back and descending on a bar in Greenpoint this weekend. [That Greenpoint Blog]

    And with the return of hockey season, we are proud to present NHL91: an 18-minute recreation of Game Six of the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals on the classic Sega Genesis game NHL '94. [NHL91.com]

    Tomorrow is opening day for the Gizmodo Gallery, a collection of awesome gadgets and gear brought together by the writers of the popular technology blog. [Gizmodo]