Nerf Gun Prompts Bronx School Evacuation: Police | NBC New York

Nerf Gun Prompts Bronx School Evacuation: Police



    Police say a Nerf gun prompted the evacuation of a Bronx school Tuesday morning.

    Law enforcement officials say police received two separate reports -- one that a student saw a gun and another that a student heard someone had a gun at P.S. 4 on Fulton Avenue in Bathgate.

    Authorities responded and conducted a sweep of the building, which houses a middle school and an elementary school. They gave the "all clear" a short time later, saying a Nerf gun had been recovered.

    The Department of Education had said in a statement that "there was a rumor that a student in one of the schools on the campus came to school with a gun."

    A Nerf gun prompted a similar incident at a Long Island high school less than two weeks ago. In that case, the school was locked down and students were herded into "safe zones" with the lights out for hours after a student with a lime green Nerf gun that looked like a rifle prompted a 911 call.