3... 2... 1: Your Train Is Here

NYC Transit to Install Subway Countdown Clocks

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    If you don't ride the No. 6, a clock could be coming to a train station near you soon.

    Forget about having to crane your neck to peek down the tracks to see if your train is coming.

    NYC Transit plans to install subway countdown clocks at three Bronx subway stations on the No. 6 line by the end of the month.

    The L line's had countdown clocks since 2007, and the Bronx subway clocks will be similar.

    If you don't ride the No. 6, a clock could be coming to a train station near you soon. NYC Transit plans to have countdown clocks running in about 150 more stations by early 2011.

    NYC Tranit estimates Installing all of those clocks will cost $200 million.  Transit officials also hope to install countdown clocks for bus riders too, along the 50th Street crosstown route.