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Two Minutes With: Vena Cava

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Two Minutes With: Vena Cava

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The charming ladies behind coveted indie label Vena Cava -- Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock -- are known for being stylish, friendly, and above all, talented. We asked the gals about the inspirations behind their dark-and-sexy Spring 2010 collection.

You ladies are well known for doing your own prints -- this year, they look a bit darker. What were your inspirations in creating them?

Sophie: This year, we were inspired by the Ndebele, which is a South African tribe -- we were really interested in their murals and their color palette. One of our prints, which is a collage print, is literally photocopies from those books cut up and collaged.

Lisa: With, like, old newspaper clippings and magazines, and stuff.

We noticed the one that's black and perhaps neon green-looking face ... ?

Both: Oh, yes!

Lisa: That's an African mask.

Did you all get to travel at all there? We know you were in South America recently.

Lisa: We, unfortunately, were doing some work there, so unfortunately we didn't get to travel to Africa. But we did get to travel to the Public Library! We checked out a bunch of books, photo copied them, and we just took everthing with us and did it on the floor of our hotel room.

Well, I know we'll be seeing you all later at the big Bird block party for Fashion's Night Out in Williamsburg -- are you ladies you to take a nap in between?

Lisa: Yeah, I need a disco nap!

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